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Traficon services

Traficon Services (a sister company of Traficon) focuses on acquisition and management of the portfolio of operating PV plants in Czech and Slovak Republics.


EQUES Investment TFI SA has established EQUES Fotovoltaica FIZ with the focus on acquisition of operational PV power plants. TRAFICON Services will provide management services to this Fund including identification, acquisition, and management of the portfolio.  

The strategy of the Fund is to acquire controlling stakes in companies owning operating PV power plants in the Czech Republic and opportunistically in Slovakia with the capacity of 1-10 MWp each. The aim is also to optimize financing structure and operating expenses of the acquired assets, with an exit strategy within 3-4 years.

Who is who

EQUES Investment TFI SA is a Polish trust of funds company operating since 2007 and regulated by the Polish law on investment funds. The company has a many years of experience in establishing and running investment funds dedicated to institutional as well as individual wealthy investors and as of end of the year 2014 had under its management 260 mil EUR in 17 funds (for more info see:

Traficon was founded in 2005 in the Czech Republic with branches and partners in Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, and Austria. Traficon team consists of experts from different sectors who have both the knowledge and practical experience in transaction advice, structured finance, M&A transactions and financial restructuring, with focus on renewable energy.

Traficon Services is its sister-company using the team and resources of Traficon.

The fund

The Fund is focused exclusively on PV plants in the Czech Republic, and opportunistically in Slovakia, which were put into operation in years 2009 and 2010. It is a relatively low risk fund investing in PV assets with revenues based upon 20 years FIT provided by the Czech government (and by the Slovakian government - for 15 years)

Investment horizon: 3-4 years (exit by 30 Sep 2018 with option to prolong by 1 year)
Target fund size: min. 25.000.000 EUR
Currency: PLN