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Mergers & acquisition

Traficon Advisors has an experienced team which is responsible for the implementation of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Czech Republic and throughout the CEE Region. The strength of our team lies primarily in its ability to provide comprehensive advice in this type of transaction.

The Mergers & Acquisition core team, with vast experience in the industry is always comprised of experts who can structure transactions.

In Mergers & Acquisitions assignments we work closely with a reputable law firm possessing a team of lawyers experienced in this legal field, to ensure the transaction’s legality. One of the partners of TRAFICON always personally oversees the progress of a transaction.

We usually advise clients throughout the entirety of the transaction - from preliminary due diligence up to the optimal method of execution and its realization.

We are able to provide implementation and consultancy for our clients in the following areas

  • Mergers or Acquisitions of companies
  • Distribution of companies
  • Transfer of assets to the company's main shareholder
  • Purchase or sale of company
  • Transfer of shares or share purchase.