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Financing energy projects

Getting funding for your energy production facility

Traficon Advisors is ready to assist you with re / financing your production of electricity from renewable sources. We are focusing long-term on these types of technologies:

  • Solar, hydro, geothermal and wind power
  • Biogas and biomass
  • Energy and fuels from agricultural and / or waste feedstocks

We are also able to provide solutions for own equity resources for energy projects. We will take you successfully and efficiently through the process of financing approval. Functioning process of a successfully closed transactions in excess of 80 million Euros and foreign financial resources.

Reference projects

Below is a list of selected references (completed and ongoing mandates), further information can be provided upon request:

  • Financing of acquisition and construction of PV plants: 
  • 7 MWp Slovakia
  • Financing of construction of Wind power plants: 80 MW, the Middle East
  • Financing of construction of PV plants: 5 MWp North Africa (a member of the advisory team for the pilot project)
  • Refinancing of existing PV plants: 16 MWp, Czech Republic
  • Financing of construction of Biomass power plant: 8 MW, Ukraine

More options

Securing the financing for projects in the field of clean and alternative technologies (AE & CT alternative energy and clean technology) with the realization in the territory of Central and Eastern Europe.