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Corporate finance

Traficon Advisors guides clients through the structuring of either the sale or purchase of a company- the entire process is designed in a way that meets the client‘s individual requirements and expectations in order to best devise the optimal structure for the transaction. Such a transaction will also be meticulously implemented with our help. In the area of Corporate Finance advisory services, we are able to provide the following services:

Investment advisory

  • Acquisition of businesses
  • Sales of businesses
  • Finding a strategic or financial partner
  • Management buy-outs (MBOs) and leveraged buy-outs (LBOs)
  • Mezzanine funding to ensure the company's growth
  • Refinancing own resources in the form of mezzanine

Structuring transactions

  • Effect of increase or decrease in net capital assets of the company
  • Optimizing the structure of funding to maximize the value of its shares
  • The effect of cross ownership between the various entities forming the group
  • Transfer of assets to a major shareholder

Project consulting

  • Consulting on project financing
  • Financing through a bank loan
  • Securing the financing through a bank loan; other types of  senior or mezzanine financing

Corporate restructuring

  • Restructuring of the holding structure, ownership of the company and its process management
  • Financial due diligence aimed at screening all economic relationships and linkages within the company, as well as to their customers and suppliers
  • This service is often part of the tax and legal due diligence carried out in companies to be subject to acquisition or where businesses have to provide access to finance.